Meet Robyn With a Y

Hello Reader,

My name is Robyn. I live in Northern Wisconsin with my husband Jordan and our two dogs Maddie and Layla. By day I have my own insurance business, and by night, you can probably catch me playing trivia or snuggling with the two best dogs in the whole world. (Yeah, I know I might be biased)

In a former life, I worked in the bar and restaurant business all the way up to Operations Manager, which for any of you who have worked in the field know that means I bartended, waitressed, planned banquets, cooked, cleaned, trained and ordered every supply imaginable. I can say I know my way around a kitchen and for sure, a liquor cabinet. The path from here to business owner is a story for another time. Stay tuned, I promise to share it.

Blogging is something I have been thinking about for a LONG time.  I love to cook and bake, I am perpetually doing home projects, and I am still perfecting the plants and flowers in and around my house. My “squad” likes to say that I am the “real life HGTV.”


One of my favorite things in life is to share. I truly love sharing my home, my time, my food and any tidbits of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way so it is my dream that this blog helps me share to more people.

Thank you for stopping by Robyn With a Y. I hope I can share something that speaks to you.

-Robyn Lings